1969 El Camino
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1969 El Camino Detailing Interior Frame Additional Info
DetailingINTERIOR: The Interior completely removed and diassembled:

1. DOOR panels removed and replaced w/ OER (original equipment replacement) new door panels stripped of vinyl, cut and fitted for electric window controls and then replaced w/ thicker foam backing and German grade black leather hide w/ thick red stitching used in place of decorative chrome, door arm pads covered in Black leather w/ red stitching, all door handles and trim stripped of bright work and powder coated in black satin.

2. CARPETING removed and all steel flooring stripped to metal, POR 15’d, all seams sealed and painted in oil base satin black sealer, then matte black Hushmat installed over all flooring and inner panels for sound deadening and- -heat deflection. Followed by “jute” sound/heat deflecting insulation laid over Hushmat and finally new OEM carpeting layed down and fitted and Lloyds UltraPlush floor mats installed.

3. HEADLINER removed, all inner roof surface area prepped and POR15’d, Hushmat laid over all roof structure, new headliner bows, new headliner bow plastic brackets, headliner cut & re-stitched in German Porsche headliner material, attaching sails in leather grain black leatherette, new brackets & visor’s, new center mirror and base installed. New pillar pads covered in black leatherette installed.

4. DASH stripped of gauges, A/C controls/cables, glove box door and box, & dash pad, all under dash area metal prepped and POR15’d then metal dash face prepped and painted in Cadillac black then Hushmat applied over all under dash paneling, all under dash wiring and fuse panel removed and replaced w/ OEM new wiring and fuse panel, new OEM dash pad installed, new Vintage AIR A/C system mounted (breakdown of installation in “additional features” section) and plumbed and wired, gauge assembly diassembled, original speedo rebuilt/repainted and set at zero, new OER tach and temp/oil/batt/press. Gauges installed, new OEM gauge tray installed, glove box door repainted and new glove box and glv.bx. lock installed, orig. non-tilt steering column removed and rebuilt tilt column w/ new ign. (matching door lock key) installed, new MOMO steering wheel (black leather w/ red stitching) mounted w/ rare Chevy bow-tie horn cap, new A/C directional air controls.

5. original emergency brake release pedal mech. Disassembled/ sandblasted/painted in satin black-rebuilt/assembled/installed.

6. vinyl front kick panels and rear corner panels recovered in foam backing & black leatherette.

7. rear panel tray (in back of seats and under rear window tray) fabricated & Hushmat’d & foam backed & upholstered in black leatherette.

8. SEATS - high option factory original bucket seats disassembled, all nuts/bolts re-plated or replaced, seat frames sandblasted and epoxy painted, seat box springs replaced and new foam installed, seats covered in Porsche/German grade black leather w/ thick red stitching, plastic seat backs and lower side covers re-covered in matching grain black leatherette, new adjust knobs & seat back knobs & release’s installed, driver and passenger headrests disassembled and rebuilt w/ new OEM vinyl headrests covered in Porsche/German grade black leather w/ thick red stitching accents, under belly of headrests covered in black suede to avoid leather chafing.

9. original factory center consul- disassembled and rebuilt, recovered in  Porsche/ German grade black leather w/ thick red stitching around complete outer edge and accented over arm rest/glove box padding, center consul glove box interior covered in stitch edged black suede, horseshoe shift tower disassembled and w/consul face plate and shift indicator plate sandblasted and satin black p.c.’d –then assembled w/ new consul wiring loom, new shift indicator glass w/ 4 speed auto graphic and new 4 speed automatic linkage (for 4L80E).


WIRING: all dash & fuse panel/cabin/firewall/engine & lighting wiring replaced w/ new OER looms. All wiring & unnecessary electrical fixtures across firewall removed & re-run under dash, TCI trans control box positioned under dash, Ramjet control box positioned under dash, all relays & fuses under dash.

STEREO SYSTEM: Kenwood receiver #KDCX792 w/ USB interface, Kenwood intergraded blue-tooth unit #KCA-BT200 system, JL 6x9 hi-output 180 watt capable speakers, made to order speaker boxes covered in black leatherette w/ edged thick red stitching, Rockford 250 watt low distortion amp w/ separate sub woofer control.

ALARM: Electriclife alarm installed w/ motion/electric door lock/kill/siren.