1969 El Camino
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1969 El Camino Detailing Interior Frame Additional Info
DetailingBODY: All factory steel, all surfaces stripped to raw metal, metal finished, all surface rust removed and all necessary surface's POR15'd, under carriage sandblasted/primed and Worth undercoated and painted in satin finish. All metal repair seamed in original lead (same as 1969 assembly line) then 3M seam sealer applied, left & right fenders-left & right door shells-hood-tailgate-hood/door hinges sandblasted inside & outside surfaces, all trim & markings removed and holes metal filled, all sheetmetal and raw body then washed in etching solution and primed in polyester epoxy primer, all body pieces remounted and aligned & all panels then blocked and prepped.

   1. all original nuts/bolts/washers/brackets/fixtures in black ZINC.
   2. all replaced nuts/bolts/washers in stainless/grade8/or better as per application.

ENGINE COMPARTMENT / FIREWALL: Wheel wells-all holes welded & metalfinished & sandblasted / powdercoated in satin black, core support sandblasted & painted satin black, firewell stripped / all un-necessary holes filled / metalfinished / blocked-smoothed / prepped / painted satin black.

PAINT: Painted in h-line RM 2 stage Cadillac black and wheel polished then hand polished and detailed.

DOOR: Both drivers and passenger doors disassembled and S.B. / primer'd / undercoated and inside sheetmetal covered in Hushmat, door hinges replaced, orginal drivers door latch cleaned / greased, passenger door latch replaced w/ new OER latch, all trim-windwings - edging - & L & R door handles S.B. and P.C'd in satin black, new OER L & R felt window runnres installed, new OER windwing rubber seals installed, new driver & passenger window & windwing tinted glass installed, new L & R electric window mechanisms and wiring installed, electric door lock mechanisms installed and doors drilled & wiring run thru rubber boots & door jambs to inner body / dash, new door seals installed, new doorjamb triggers installed, new driver & passenger OER rally mirrors disassembled / painted in matching Cadillac black and mounted.

HOOD: Original hood removed and replaced / fitted w/ steel GM OER "cowl induction" hood.

BUMPERS: OEM (original) El Camino front & back bumpers stripped / straightened / sandblasted & power coated in satin black.