1969 El Camino
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1969 El Camino Detailing Interior Frame Additional Info

FUEL TANK: Rockvalley stainless steel tank w/ internal fuel injection pump, w/ black weave high-pressure fuel line and black anodized AN high pressure fittings w/ black anodized billet inline fuel filter.

SERPENTINE BELT: March Ind. laser cut –polished billet aluminum serpentine belt pulley system.

COOLING SYSTEM: BeCool aluminum radiator w/ dual SPAAL 11.5” thermostat controlled fans & A/C switch, w/ new aluminum Corvette type water pump, all heater & radiator hoses new.

ALTERNATOR: polished chrome 110amp.

BATTERY: Optima “yellow top” deep cycle gel.

POWERSTEERING: new short turn ratio steering box with aluminum steering pump & remote polished billet aluminum reservoir with black weave high-pressure hose & black anodized AN fittings.

A/C SYSTEM: VintageAir Gen3 complete system w/ polished mini A/C pump installed/wired/ plumbed / evacuated & freon charged.

LIGHTING: all front and rear lenses replaced with OEM new, all bulbs and fixtures replaced, original rear L&R lenses housings stripped/sandblasted & p.c. in satin black, high & low beam headlights replaced w/ “blue light” 150 watt “crystal cut” halogen lights installed in modified housing & core support.

STEERING WHEEL: MOMO “Competition” with collapsible hub adapter, black leather with red stitching.

GLASS: all-drivers window & windwing glass, passenger’s window & windwing glass, rear window glass & windshield glass replaced with OEM new glass & tinted.

WINDSHIELDWIPER/WASHER ASSEMBLY: all w.s.w. parts including wiper motor, wiper switch, squirters,hoses, fluid bottle etc. replaced with new.

LICENSE PLATES: both original plates restored in exact black & yellow 1969 script & color.

CAR COVER: special order black felt “California Car Covers” full length cover with optional mirror pockets and storage bag.


1. front grill. 2. all grill molding 3. battery cables 4. truck bed trim/molding & clips 5. interior light covers/base’s 6. headlight bezels (4) 7. windwing vent regulators (L&R) 8. LOKAR Ramjet billet throttle cable assembly 9. LOKAR billet throttle pedal assembly 10. LOKAR billet brake pedal 11. LOKAR billet dimmer switch cover 12. GM OER cowl hood (steel) 13. OER battery tray/retainer/bracket 14. OER L&R bullet mirrors w/ base and gaskets 15. all interior trim. 16. sill plates (L&R) 17. door handles L&R (outer) 18. door handles L&R (inner 19. doors/ ignition/glove box locks 20. “tilt” steering column & seal 21. windshield molding 22. rear window molding 23. rear (drivers side) compartment storage box 24. speedo lenses 25. cigarette lighter 26. headlight switch 27. Hushmat insulation 28. all hard lines in stainless steel.